Joanna Nesbit, Freelance Writer

Joanna Nesbit

Northwest Freelance Writer

Family travel to Washington coast, Pacific NorthwestJoanna Nesbit is a freelance writer who writes about parenting, college, education, lifestyle, and travel. Her articles and essays have appeared in consumer, custom, and online publications.

These days, with a daughter off to college, she's developed a focus on higher education, college finance, and Millennial topics. She's passionate about parents and kids alike being smart about money.

She's also written about homework habits, why boys are struggling in school, Common Core assessments, video gaming, how to balance packed schedules, and Northwest trips with kids.


Recent articles and essays:

My most recent piece about this year's FAFSA changes for Next Avenue. Kind of thrilled -- this piece also got picked up by Forbes and Yahoo.

How to have fun at Mt. Rainier for

Two pieces for Mother Nature Network on personal finance hacks and personal finance skills for college students.

And a very recent piece for the Road2College blog on saving money in a grandparent 529 plan and whether that can burn you on college financial aid forms.