Joanna Nesbit, Freelance Writer

Joanna Nesbit

Northwest Freelance Writer

I'm a Pacific Northwest-based freelance journalist who writes about parenting, personal finance, millennial topics, higher education, and what to know about paying for college. My articles, essays, and blog posts have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and online publications.


Recent articles and essays: 

My latest piece explaining what a tuition reset is and private colleges that are doing it: Why are Some Colleges Slashing Their Tuition? for Work + Money.

And for the Society of Grownups blog, here's what your millennial or Gen-Zer needs to know about health insurance.

My piece in the October 2018 issue of Real Simple: How to Raise a Problem-Solver. Such a fun piece to research and write.

My latest articles for

  • How to Fill Out the CSS PROFILE, a complex financial aid form for about 250 colleges and universities. It's a pain, so it's important to know what do do.


Twitter issue:

On another note, I learned that my Twitter icon isn't working properly. Since this is an old platform, it's not easily fixed, but you can follow me on Twitter at this link: @joannanesbit.