Joanna Nesbit, Freelance Writer

Joanna Nesbit

Northwest Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Joanna. I'm a Pacific Northwest freelance journalist and content marketing writer with a focus on parenting, personal finance, higher education, and what to know about paying for college. But I've also written about outdoor adventures in the PNW, what those creepy people-finder sites know about you, and how to help aging parents. In other words, I'm flexible and versatile, and I love research. My byline has appeared in magazines, newspapers, and online publications. Check out some of my recent stuff below.

Recent articles: 

My latest piece explaining what a tuition reset is and private colleges that are doing it: Why are Some Colleges Slashing Their Tuition? for Work + Money.

My piece in the October 2018 issue of Real Simple: How to Raise a Problem-Solver. I'm kind of passionate about parents getting out of the way (sometimes I have to reread my own articles for advice!). This was a fun piece to research.

My latest articles for


Twitter issue: I've been told the icon below doesn't link properly but since this is an old platform, it's not easily fixed (it works just fine for me so really not sure). Connect with me here @joannanesbit if the icon doesn't work for you. I love connecting.