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NOTE: (hosted by MSN) provided homework help for children grades K-6. It went offline in May 2013.

  • Teacher Tips for Supporting Kids' LearningOctober 2012

    Teachers offer their tips to parents for supporting kids' academics at home and at school. Here's how to help your child.

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  • Activity: Fun Ways to Create a Love of ReadingOctober 2012

    Building reading skills in elementary school is crucial for kids to enjoy later successes. Tips here for making reading a fun family habit.

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  • How Important are Grades?July 2012

    It's easy to get caught up in grades, even if your school uses standards-based report cards. Read on for tips to keep your child's learning in perspective.

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  • Helping Kids Become Self StartersJuly 2012

    Every child needs to learn how to do homework independently, but sometimes parents' best intentions sabotage kids' efforts. Here's how you can help without getting in the way.

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  • Activity: Secretly Build Academic SkillsJuly 2012

    Here are a few fun activities to keep your child learning long after the homework is done.

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  • Keeping Kids on Track with Their HomeworkApril 2012

    Is your elementary child procrastinating on homework? Here are a few reasons why kids put it off and tips to help families develop a homework routine.

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  • Handwriting Help for KidsApril 2012

    Kids struggle with handwriting for a variety of reasons. Learn more about fine-motor control development, what you can do to facilitate it, and when to seek help for your child.

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  • Activity: Helping Your Child's Fine-Motor ControlApril 2012

    Writing requires hand-eye coordination and fine-motor muscle development. Here are some fun ways to develop your child's hand strength and hand-eye coordination.

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