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Joanna Nesbit

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  • Planning to Borrow for College? Then it's Time to Clean Up Your CreditJanuary 2018

    Many families need to borrow for college. Having a solid credit score and a good credit history will give you better options. Here's what to know.

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  • 11 Misconceptions About Paying for CollegeDecember 2017

    Understanding financial aid, merit aid, and college costs is complicated. Here are 11 things families commonly don't realize about paying for college.

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  • Money Conversations to Have with Your First-year College KidAugust 2017

    Even if your new college student is savvy about money, moving away to school is a big transition and involves lots of unanticipated costs. Here's what to discuss so everyone's on the same page about who's in charge of what.

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  • What to Know If Your Child Fails Out of CollegeMay 2017

    Students struggle for all kinds of reasons in their first year of college, and sometimes it involves failing out. Here's what to know about how to help your teen.

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  • How to Help Your College Student with Loneliness, Without HoveringSeptember 2016

    Students head off to college expecting it to be great and aren't prepared for homesickness, academic difficulties, and friendship woes. Here's how to help.

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  • How to Take a Gap Year Overseas When You're Not WealthyJuly 2016

    Not all kids are ready for college right after high school. Tips here from experts on how to create a great gap year, along with ideas and programs for domestic and international opportunities.

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  • When it Comes to Paying for College, Be Realistic and Do Your HomeworkJuly 2016

    College is expensive. That's why parents need to research costs and financial aid early so they're not blindsided during their child's senior year.

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  • Watch it This College Application SeasonOctober 2015

    College application season can be a fraught time, exciting for some and disappointing for others. My thoughts on why a bit of empathy is in order, learned the hard way.

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