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Joanna Nesbit

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  • Powder Power: A Deep-Snow Getaway to Mt. Baker with KidsDecember 2015

    Mt. Baker has a ton of snow this year. Here's why it makes a great getaway for families.

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  • Paying Attention: With Diagnoses on the Rise, Teens and Families Find New Ways to Manage ADHDOctober 2014

    ADHD used to be a younger child's issue, but these days more kids are being diagnosed in their teen years. Here's what the condition looks like and why it's complicated.

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  • Let Them Plan: 11 Tips for Travel with TeensMay 2014

    Traveling with teens doesn't have to be all about battling agendas. Giving them some say goes a long way toward harmony on the road. Read on for more tips on traveling with this age group.

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  • Vancouver with Kids: 10 AdventuresMay 2014

    Vancouver is a culturally rich city with adventures galore for families. Here's our top 10 paired with mini recommendations for extra fun.

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  • The Silent Treatment: Helping Kids Overcome Selective MutismApril 2014

    A young child's silence may be more than temperament. Here's what selective mutism looks like and what you can do about it.

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  • Globetrotting Teens: Finding the Right Summer Abroad ProgramFebruary 2014

    Does your teen want to travel abroad with a summer program? Here's what parents should be asking about.

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  • Let's Ski B.C.! Family Winter Fun Beyond the BorderJanuary 2014

    British Columbia offers fantastic family ski resorts, large and small, for fun winter getaways. Here are a few ideas for your family.

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  • Cliques and Conflicts: Helping Young Girls Manage the Social SceneAugust 2013

    Wondering if your grade-school girl's drama is normal? It is! Cliques and conflicts start way before middle school these days; read on to find out why.

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  • Culture Rich and Car Free: 48 Hours in VancouverMay 2013

    Vancouver, B.C. is a culturally rich city that offers fun for the whole family, including exploring by bicycle, perusing market stalls, and noshing on Asian food. Read on for what to do with your kids in this spectacular city.

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