Joanna Nesbit, Freelance Writer

Joanna Nesbit

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Freelance Article Writing

If you need a writer to deliver a well-researched article or blog post on deadline, please contact me. I'd love to find out how I can help you. My passion is all things college (and young adult), but I'm happy to take on most topics. My particular interests include parenting teens and young adults, personal finance, college finance, and education, but I write about younger kids, aging parents, credit cards, and buying life insurance on your college kid.

I also provide content marketing articles, and have written for Society of Grownups' blog for millennials (a MassMutual learning initiative). Browse around my site to see what I've covered or see my latest at

Travel Writing

If you’re interested in an article on a Pacific Northwest locale, including Washington vacations or events, let me know. If you need them, I take photographs for many of my articles (most of the photos here are mine).


I've been working with a group of school districts on an as-needed basis, copyediting their science curriculum. If you have a need for copyediting or proofreading, get in touch and we can talk about your project.

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