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  • 23 Apps to Make Fundraising EasierMay 2019

    Organizing a group of people and keeping track of documents isn't easy, but there are plenty of apps these days to help. Here's what I learned in my research.

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  • Scrip Fundraising in the Digital AgeMarch 2016

    Scrip fundraising offers lots of digital choices these days, from reloadable cards to online ordering to paying with a smartphone app right in the store. Learn more about how to create a convenient program that works for your school's parents.

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  • 11 Ideas to Get Your School ReadingJanuary 2016

    PTO groups can help make reading a life-long passion by supporting fun reading events. Here are ideas to jumpstart events at your school.

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  • School Snack Rules: How Are PTOs Coping? October 2015

    Federal Smart Snacks legislation went into effect last year. Many schools have robust wellness policies in place and aren't affected, but others have had to give up valuable fundraising. Here's a snapshot of what's going on around the nation.

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  • Making Your Playground Fun for AllOctober 2014

    Spending time on the school playground teaches kids skills they'll benefit from for life. Here's what experts say enhances kids' experience.

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  • How PTOs Make Their School Music Programs SingApril 2014

    School budgets have been hit hard in the last few years. Parent groups have stepped up to bridge the funding gap so kids can have music anyway. Here's what some groups are doing.

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