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  • 4 Credit Card Fears and How to Manage ThemJune 2021

    Worrying about getting into credit card debt is common, but if you treat the card like a tool, you can avoid trouble. Here's what to know.

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  • 6 Ways a Good Credit Score Helps YouApril 2021

    A good credit report and credit score help you more than you think -- things like buying a smartphone with a payment plan and getting a better car insurance rate.

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  • Do You Know Your Money Personality?April 2021

    If you understand your money habits and inclinations, you can repair habits that aren't serving you or your family. Here are four common money personalities.

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  • 529 Qualified Expenses: What You Can Spend on NowJanuary 2021

    Here's what to know about 2021 rule changes fur spending on education expenses.

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  • What is Probate (and Is It Bad?)December 2020

    You may have heard horror stories about probate being a long, expensive process that gobbles assets for paying fees. Or, maybe you’ve heard that probate isn’t that bad. So, which is it? Here's what to know.

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  • Bills Before Frills: Budgeting and Money BasicsDecember 2020

    When you're first starting out, managing your money and bills might feel intimidating. Here's how to get a handle on your responsibilities.

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  • Aging in Place: How to Help Your Parents Stay at HomeNovember 2020

    Many seniors would prefer to stay in their own home as they age and in many cases, it's less expensive. Here's how the younger generation can help their parents.

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  • Scholarships for Allied Healthcare StudentsMarch 2020

    This is a scholarship guide I wrote for All Star Directories' All Allied Health Schools website. It covers specific scholarships available to students as well as what to know about how scholarships affect financial aid and scholarship scams to watch out for.

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  • Nursing Career Trends for 2020 and BeyondMarch 2020

    Are you interested in a nursing career? Check out nursing field trends to see what's up and coming.

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  • Retire on Your Terms: An Action Plan for Every DecadeFebruary 2020

    Here are the steps you should take in your 40s, 50s, and 60s to prepare for retirement.

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  • Living Longer and Helping Create the Retirement You WantJanuary 2020

    As retirees live longer, active lives, retirement planning becomes important to prepare for the second act.

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  • What to Know about Health InsuranceJanuary 2019

    Younger millennials and Gen Z'ers don't know a lot about how health insurance works, but they need to get up to speed. A primer on what they should understand.

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  • 7 Tips to Prepare for College Move-InJuly 2018

    College move-in is an exciting and emotional time for everyone. This piece for University Parent will help students decide what they really need (hint: not everything they think they need).

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  • Royal Scot hotel overviewDecember 2016

    What to know about Victoria's family-family Royal Scot hotel, one of our family's favorite spots.

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  • National Park Inn at Mt. Rainier overviewSeptember 2016

    Overview of what this Mt. Rainier inn offers to families while they're visiting the national park.

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  • Olympic Lodge overviewMarch 2014

    What to know about Olympic Lodge in Port Angeles, gateway to Olympic National Park. A favorite with our family.

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