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  • Avoid College Debt by Taking Advantage of These 6 Expert TipsDecember 2019

    It's way too easy to get in over your head with loans for college. Here's what to know before you start borrowing.

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  • How Does Taking a Gap Year Affect College Admissions?June 2019

    Gap years are growing ever more popular, but many parents worry about how they affect their kid's college plans. Gap years don't hurt them, but it's worth understanding how the college application process and the gap year plans should be handled.

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  • What is a Gap Year: What to Know Before They GoJune 2019

    Here's what to know about your child taking a gap year by the numbers. Also, why you shouldn't worry about the gap and how your teen can make the most of the year.

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  • Giving Life: Has Your Teen Considered Becoming an Organ Donor?February 2018

    With getting a driver's license comes a decision about becoming an organ donor. Many young people favor it. Here's what to know.

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  • Teaching Money Skills: Why Teenagers Should Help Pay for CollegeJanuary 2017

    We don't do our teens any favors by paying for everything. NYT Money expert Ron Lieber tells us why it's important to get them involved in their college future.

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  • Everything You Need to Know about College Testing before 10th GradeSeptember 2016

    College and all the required testing can feel high stakes. Here's what to know about the PSAT, the SAT, and the ACT.

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  • How to Get Merit Scholarships for CollegeJuly 2016

    Two types of financial aid are available for college students -- need based aid and "merit" aid. If your family won't qualify for need aid, here's how you can find merit aid to bring down the cost of college.

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  • The Lowdown on the New SATMarch 2016

    The new-format SAT is looming. Some experts say students should skip it this year and not be guinea pigs. Here's what is different from the old format and things to consider about taking it.

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  • Surprise! Video Games Offer Real BenefitsDecember 2015

    Video games get a bad rap, and played excessively they can indeed be problematic. But gaming offers benefits too. Read on for what your kid is gaining, and what to do about limits.

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