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Joanna Nesbit

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  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten July 2013

    Starting kindergarten is a major milestone. A primer for the big change, including getting organized, meeting the teacher, talking through fears (your child's), and keeping tears at bay (yours).

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  • Take a Break in Historic BellinghamMay 2013

    Bellingham is a popular Costco stop for Canadian families, but you'll find the town has a lot to offer if you stay for the weekend. Here's what our family recommends.

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  • Road Trip: Horsing around in Yellowstone and Other Family HighlightsJune 2012

    Yellowstone is crowded in the summer, but if this season is the only time your family can visit, it's possible to beat the crowds. Read on for strategies.

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  • Rockin' It: Why Rock Climbing is Great for KidsApril 2011

    While some kids love team sports, others prefer solo ambitions. Climbing experts weigh in here on why kids are naturally good rock climbers and offer tips for getting started.

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  • Falling on Deaf EarsOctober 2010

    Fed up with giving your disorganized, slow-moving boy a million reminders? Here's the skinny on why boys tune out their moms and what to do about it.

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  • Expanding VocabulariesSeptember 2010

    You think if you don't swear, your kids won't learn the words. Think again. Read on for why you can't avoid the inevitable.

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